Life Lessons from Movies

Indie Game: The Movie

In Documentary, Movies on December 28, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Indie Game: The Movie (2012) is a documentary by directors Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky about the struggles and triumphs of four independent game developers: Jonathan Blow (Braid), Phil Fish (FEZ), Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes (Super Meat Boy).

Life Lesson:

If you want to blaze your own trail, do what you really want and not answer to anybody — you can do it, but it will likely be a long, hard road with a lot of sacrifice. If you succeed, the personal and financial rewards will be huge.

Movie Scene:

A successful video game can make millions of dollars in revenue, but it also takes multiple years to design and program.

Tommy: “Me and Ed are handling like a lot of stuff for two people. But we’re right there at the end … so we just sort of do it … We’re tired, not so much from work, but from not being able to sleep because of thinking about work.”

Ed: “If you can’t get the work done, then the past two years are basically worth nothing … There were at least five times, a good five times, where I totally broke down and I just didn’t want to do it anymore … I was actually really worried that either Tommy or I would die in the process of making this.”

Their game, Super Meat Boy, went on to become the 4th highest rated Xbox game of 2010 and had sold over 1,000,000 copies when the movie was released.


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