Life Lessons from Movies


In Documentary, Movies on June 7, 2013 at 3:50 PM

Crude (2009) is a documentary directed by Joe Berlinger about the people, a lawyer of Cofán descent, Pablo Fajardo, and an American lawyer, Steven Donziger, who are behind the 20 year old lawsuit against Chevron/Texaco over environmental contamination in Ecuador that devastated and displaced multiple indigenous communities.

Life Lesson:

“Sin hacer nada, no sirve para nada. Hay que siempre hacer algo.”

If you do nothing, you’re a good for nothing. You always have to do something.

— Pablo Fajardo, quoting a saying from his mother

Movie Scene:

Pablo Fajardo: “I live in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I am from Shushufindi. When I was 14 years old, I started working in the oil fields. At that time Texaco was still operating. During that time, I witnessed many acts of injustice, of environmental disasters, of environmental contamination, of the denigration of the workers and farmers. I witnessed everything they did to this region. I lived that reality. I saw gigantic smoke clouds coming out of the station. I saw the spills. I saw how they threw crude oil on the roads. I saw all of that. But I couldn’t do anything. That was my motivation to keep studying.”


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