Life Lessons from Movies


In Drama, Movies on December 18, 2013 at 8:25 AM

Yentl (1983) is a drama based on the story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, co-written and directed by Barbra Streisand about Yentl (Barbra Streisand), a Polish woman who disguises herself as a man in order to continue her education at a yeshiva when her father, Rebbe Mendel (Nehemiah Persoff), who taught her in secrecy, dies – leaving her an orphan.

Life Lesson:

Don’t let others stop you from pursing knowledge.

Movie Scene:

Yentl: “Why is it that every book I buy, every bookseller who comes has the same old argument?”

Rebbe Mendel: “You know why.”

Yentl: “I envy them.”

Rebbe Mendel: “The booksellers?”

Yentl: “No, not the booksellers. The students, talking about life, the mysteries of the universe. And I’m learning how to tell a herring from a carp.”

Rebbe Mendel: “Yentl, for the thousandth time, men and women have different obligations.”

Yentl: “Have different obligations, I know, but –”

Rebbe Mendel: “And don’t ask why… Go on. Get the books. Get the books.”

Yentl: “Thank you, Papa.”

Rebbe Mendel: “Thank you, Papa. Thank you, Papa. The shutters darling.”

Yentl: “The shutters. If we don’t have to hide my studying from God, then why from the neighbors?”

Rebbe Mendel: “Why? Because I trust God will understand. I’m not so sure about the neighbors.”


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