Life Lessons from Movies

Beauty and the Beast

In Fantasy, Movies on January 20, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Beauty and the Beast (1991) is an animated fantasy co-directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise about a scholarly young woman, Belle (Paige O’Hara), who rescues her father (Rex Everhart) from an enchanted castle’s prison by taking his place, and teaches their captor, an angry beast-prince (Robby Benson), how to love.

Life Lesson:

In order to love someone, you cannot be spoiled, selfish or unkind.

Movie Scene:

Beast: “This mirror will show you anything. Anything you wish to see.”

Belle: “I’d like to see my father, please. Papa! Oh, no. He’s sick. He may be dying, and he’s all alone.”

Beast: “Then, you– you must go to him.”

Belle: “What did you say?”

Beast: “I release you. You’re no longer my prisoner.”

Belle: “You mean, I’m free?”

Beast: “Yes.”

Belle: “Oh, thank you. Hold on Papa. I’m on my way.”

Beast: “Take it with you [the mirror] so you’ll always have a way to look back, and remember me.”

Belle: “Thank you for understanding how much he needs me.”

Cogsworth (David Ogden Stiers): “Well, your Highness, I must say everything is going just swimmingly. I knew you had it in you. Yes, yes, splen–”

Beast: “I let her go.”

Cogsworth: “You what? How could you do that?”

Beast: “I had to.”

Cogsworth: “Yes, but, but— But why?”

Beast: “Because I love her.”


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